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Token Minorities is a blog devoted to discussing issues of race and racism in video games. Race is a touchy subject that doesn’t get a lot of airtime or word count in the video gaming media, but it’s certainly not for lack of content. As the gaming medium grows, its capacity to handle increasingly mature themes grows as well.

Token Minorities was created out of the growing worry that the greater video gaming community is blissfully ignorant of the racialized content that is becoming more and more prevalent in modern video games, and more importantly, the potential impact that content has on our racial common sense – both the good and the bad.

Token Minorities is aware that having unproductive race-baiting flame wars on the Internet is much, much easier than having a genuinely informative, educational, and civil conversation. Being able to intelligently discuss race requires significant portions of both common sense and specialized education, and unfortunately, both elements are in somewhat short supply these days. So here’s the deal. Act civilly to each other, avoid targeted racial epithets, and don’t flame each other too hard, and we can all get along just fine. Stubborn, persistent ignorance has no place here.

Also: Don’t ask where the name came from. If you have a better one I can use, I’m all ears.

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I’m Pat Miller, currently a research student in Nagoya, Japan, and a freelance writer currently focusing on The Escapist at the moment. I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember, and I’m not bad at them, if I do say so myself. I’ll play anything, but 2D fighters – Street Fighter anything and Guilty Gear in particular – are my main squeezes. Outside of games, I train a well-rounded diet of Mixed Martial Arts – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, American Boxing/Muay Thai Kickboxing, and a little Judo/Wrestling – so I’m more than willing to take money matches in Street Fighter or street fighting. (If your name is Daigo Umehara or Fedor Emelianenko, then I’m just kidding.)



  1. Hey Pat, I’m reading the escapist, issue 56 right now and I’m really digging it. I was wondering if that mention of Sony was in regard to my LocoRoco blog I wrote from over the summer of 06?

    I’m trying to put together a research paper (at the last minute of course) for a class of mine on Chicano/a/Latina/o potrayals in video games but I’ll probably be examining race in general and as this all relates to film in a sense.

    Just thought i’d say what’s up.

  2. hey alejandro,

    thanks for stopping by!

    i think the sony incident i was referring to in that particular article was the one about the white-on-black violence psp ads, though i do remember the locoroco post you made. good stuff.

    feel free to drop me a line (pattheflip AT gmail DOT com)!

  3. Great blog, man. It’s so satisfying to find some reasoned and concise thinking on race and video games on the web. Keep it up.

  4. I realy like this blog, the way you right is fantastic.
    I’m your average white game geek and this give me the the chance to seen the issues in gameing throught a colored persons eyes wich is very iteresting and imformative to me

    by the way i read your piece on pure pwnage LOVED It
    they have a link to it on thier web page

    also i definitly wouldent want to gey in a fight with you 🙂

  5. Wow, this blog is awesome! As a black girl gamer, I’ve often wondered about race and the gaming industry, and although I was a SF fanatic back in the day, I was ALWAYS bugged by the stereotypes in that game. Nowadays, as a WoW geek, I find it tough to choose between the dark purple and chocolate characters… ;o)

    I’ve got a little graphic token of blog appreciation that I’d like to share witcha- holla @ me and I’ll send it on over!

    ♥ Lyn Valerie ♥

  6. Hi. I’m making a different sort of request. I’m the deputy director of a research institute on race and ethnicity at Ohio State University. I’m editing a book on what race in the US would look like in 2042 IF we, collectively, were very successful in our racial justice efforts.

    I’d love a piece from someone on what video games and/or the gaming community would look like in a society that had progressed significantly on race. Only 1,000-2,000 words due first week of September.

    Give me a shout to hear more!


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