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Sorry for the Delay

August 7, 2008

Who knew how much busier life could get when you throw a girlfriend into the mix? Alas, the lady has left my humble home in Japan and returned to the US, so I am yet again wrested from her loving arms and forced to apologize to you, dear Reader, for abandoning you these few months.

I haven’t been playing much in the way of video games, except for grind-fest Final Fantasy Tactics A2¬†and only-in-Japan Street Fighter IV, the latter of which I’m intending to write about for TM. That will be some time in coming, though, as I’ve got a few more pressing real-world concerns.

One of those real-world concerns is right over here []. I’m aiming for a (hopefully regular) paying relationship with Giant Realm, in the hopes that I can write about Asian pop culture without turning it into endlessly essentializing drivel like so many other enthusiasts do. So click on the link, read the article (it’s on “I Survived A Japanese Game Show”), and if you like it, click the thumbs-up icon on top and leave a comment. Please?

pat m.