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November 25, 2006

Hi everyone,

Classes and the holidays have been taking their toll on me lately, so don’t expect much in the way of substantive updating until after finals. However! I’m putting together two papers related to race and games for school, and hopefully they’ll find their way into a publication afterwards.

The first paper explores some of the musings I’ve had on Street Fighter II a little more deeply; specifically, I’m using forum posts from to examine how race is shaped in different competitive contexts (Asian American players being racialized as Asian in domestic tournaments and American in international competition against Japanese national players, for example). I never thought that I could get class credit for watching the Justin Wong – Daigo video from Evolution 2004.

The second paper is centered around Indigo Prophecy, and how Lucas Kane’s straight-white-maleness is what justifies his positioning as the protagonist of the movie. Fun stuff.