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Keep Your Game Boy In Your Pants, Thank You

November 21, 2007

Not much to be said here about the latest boys-behaving-badly incident in video-game-land that hasn’t already been said. Feminist Gamers has a good roundup of all of the coverage. All I gotta say is that it looks like an Asian guy did the comic. For shame, Dave Cheung. This is not how brothers ought to bust the stereotypes.

pat m. 


I Wanted Better From The Boondocks

November 20, 2007

Hi everyone! It’s been a while.

Quick update: I haven’t posted for a while since I’ve been busy moving to Japan for a year on a Fulbright Fellowship, and I just got Internet access in the apartment. I have, however, had two more articles up at the Escapist (on Ambrosia Software and Mixed Martial Arts, respectively) as well as an article at Cerise Magazine called “Another Rape In Cyberspace”. Anyway, look forward to more updates coming, probably on the same infrequent basis it’s been on when I actually updated this. 

(Spoilers Ahead)

 This post isn’t actually on video games, but bear with me. No, I’m going to spend a moment to talk about one of my favorite TV shows, the Boondocks, which entered in its much-anticipated second season a few weeks ago. I’ve been addicted to the show since the first season, and during the year-and-a-half long break between the first and second season I’ve probably watched each episode at least five times, so it should go without saying that I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the second season to show up. However, in addition to the brilliant racial commentary, I’ve been curious to see how the show would handle gender. The first season left me kind of hanging on that respect – at best, it was an all-men show (out of the main characters, mixed-race Jazmine and her white mother Sarah are the only recurring female characters), and at worst, it shows women – particularly black women – as “hoes”, obnoxious ghetto-fabulous club-goers, and…not much else, really. While I adore the racial material, and I appreciate that the stereotypical images that show up in the Boondocks are part of McGruder’s project, I have to say, it’s really unfortunate that we haven’t seen more well-rounded representation of women. Yes, virtually every black man character in the Boondocks has some racialized character flaw – Tom and his, well, whiteness, Riley and his gangsta fetishization, the entire character of Uncle Ruckus – but when they stick around, they become endeared to us nonetheless. 

Sadly, the women haven’t done any better in season two. Sarah gets a larger role in one episode (previously she was known for making peach cobbler that looks like vomit, and not a lot else), where she basically falls apart from fandom upon meeting Usher during her and Tom’s anniversary dinner, and gets bonus points for being firm with Tom, but that’s about it – considering the episode’s major struggle focused on her, she didn’t get a whole lot of screen time. For black women, we have, well, several of A Pimp Named Slickback’s ‘bitches’ (which gets dropped a whole lot more often in this episode, incidentally), and we have Luna from the most recent episode, a kung-fu master who has been scarred from growing up in an abusive household and too many relationships with abusive men. I had hopes for her as a recurring character – she has an interesting character flaw and very apparent strength – but instead she just went batshit insane for the whole episode, and then comes around at the very end, deciding to take responsibility for herself. Except then she commits suicide by explosion in the Freemans’ driveway. Come on, people! What could it possibly take to get us a female character that isn’t a one-off? We’re creeping dangerously into misogyny, here.

pat m.