A Good Post On Resident Evil 5

February 13, 2009

…Is right here.



  1. Hey Pat, I’ve just recently came across your August 31, 2006 blog post after looking up my username on Google and I must say that I was delightfully surprised. I was mainly referring to the citing of the comments on the Gamespot article. While I am curious of your views in racism present in videogames, I’m just here to inform you that I’ve since changed my views after taking a critical look at the present state of videogames and its history. To my understanding, stereotypes are generally a negative aspect of prejudice. In response to my comment made 3 years ago, at the time the “archetype” of the “scholarly Asian” seemed like a positive influence on my life, but upon more scrutiny I’ve come to realize it also bears much negative connotation. Currently as a high school junior, I’ve come to acknowledge the fact that I was inherently wrong 3 years ago with my comments. I hope you continue your blog and would love a response back.
    Here’s an interesting article that I believe is relevant with your blog.



    • ssssss

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