Obama Wins Presidency; White Nationalists Threaten To Move To Alaska

November 6, 2008

Apparently Canada is a bit too socialist for them.

Token Minorities officially supports this standpoint. Seriously, if there’s anything I can do to speed up the process, let me know.

pat m.



  1. They should move to the moon, change has been inevitable for as long as the population has been growing. You can’t stop progress. Socialism well done is the future of the world. There is a such thing as democratic socialism, there is agrarian socialism, eco-socialism and neo-socialism. Get with it capitalism is dead.

  2. We’re made to believe in this country that the people like those at Stormfront are some small and strange minority tucked away in degenerate pockets of the country. But I’ve come across so many websites like that, I wonder just what their numbers are.

  3. White Man!
    We regret to inform you that your kind has been slated for termination. We, the various Third World majorities of Africa, Asia, India, South America, and the Middle East assert that your long history of success at (raping, pillaging, and subjugating everyone who doesn’t look like you), has made us envious and resentful of you. We, who make up 92% of the global population, feel that we can no longer accept the great disparity between your success and our abject failure. The solution to this inequality should be obvious to all concerned.

  4. Dark Man!
    Ask yourself one question. Why do all the 3rd world countries want to move to White Man’s land? Stop blaming the White Man for all your troubles in your own country and living in the past.

  5. Wow. Worst blog evar.

    At least bite the hand made me laugh.

  6. Also, hey. D. Jeffrey Wright? You are a fucking dong, like basically every other academic shithead who uses a first initial.

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