Interlude: The Hilarious Stupidity of Ashley Todd

October 27, 2008

So by now everyone should know that Ashley Todd, the McCain supporter who fabricated a story about being assaulted and groped by a knife-wielding black man for $60 and some press for Obama by way of a (backwards) “B” on her cheek. Racialicious has a good summary of coverage over at their open thread.

Here’s what I want to know.

White people are perfectly willing to believe that there are plenty of 6’4″, 200lb black men out there who are willing to mug a white college girl for $60 at knifepoint. 

The bit about grabbing her breast isn’t really too much of a stretch for white people, either.

Once we’re there, conjuring up the elusive brother who is dumb enough to do all that and carve a BACKWARDS “B” just might work for some white folks.

Linking that to the current presidential race by claiming that the “B” stood for “Barack” (because all black people are on a first-name basis with the next President of the United States of America), however, should be too much for anyone to swallow.

Overall Black voter turnout was, at 60%, 7% less than overall White turnout in the 2004 election (census). I suppose that’s not so bad (voter turnout in Asian American communities is a huge issue – we’re well under 50%, I believe). But if you consider that voter disenfranchisement laws (which temporarily or permanently suspend a convict’s right to vote) prevented 14% of black men from casting their ballot in Atlanta in 2004, or that the Human Rights Watch reported in 1998 that 1.4 million black men couldn’t vote, to say nothing of the damning statistic that 1 in 9 young black men are in jail, it seems a little bit implausible to me. You think homeboy is really going to punch you in the face, take your money, grab your boob, and then say, “Hey, don’t forget to vote Obama!

That’s some real thug life shit right there. Next time we see C.J. running around GTA: San Andreas, he better be volunteering for the campaign.

I leave you with this.



  1. LOL! I saw that video!

    I think Chocolate Salty Balls (link on my name) should be Obama’s presidential theme song, though.

  2. LOL! I saw that video!

    I think Chocolate Salty Balls (link on my name) should be Obama’s presidential theme song, though.

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