Gender and Class in Mega Man 9

October 21, 2008


A few words on Mega Man 9:

That said, there are a few interesting things that stood out to me. (Spoiler alert!)

There’s a bit more storyline in Mega Man 9 than I remembered in the older MM games, all delivered through cutscenes. Basically, the premise in MM9 is that several utility robots who were soon nearing their expiration date (where they would be cast off into the dump, apparently) were incited to rebel against society by Dr. Wily, who had convinced them that they deserved to live past some arbitrary cut-off date. I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds like a critique of capitalism if I ever heard one. Cast off your chains, robots! Overthrow the oppressors! When I saw this, I thought, “Hey, why aren’t I helping them?”

Then I rememberedthat I was controlling a white guy who dresses in blue, carries a gun, and sees fit to destroy hundreds and hundreds of robots who look different from him without compunction.


Somehow, despite destroying each robot master twice, they’re still alive and ticking by the end of the game, and instead of consigning them unto the scrap heap, Mega Man happily returns them to household slavery (chores and such). Way to break a strike, Mega Man. The proletariat will rise yet! Maybe after I get By Any Means Necessary made, my next project will be a labor organizing simulator with a Mega Man motif.

Also: anyone who grew up alongside Mega Man during the NES days will immediately notice Splash Woman sitting alongside Mega Man’s usual assortment of robot dudes. Yes, women have broken through the glass ceiling in the year 20XX, so much so that little girl-robots can one day aspire to be one of Dr. Wily’s henchbots.

However: Capcom, why’d you have to make the woman robot weak to the Mega Buster? That’s some sexist shit. And you know what her “useful function” is in the ending? Sexy photos. Yep, the first woman pioneer in Mega Man does cheesy idol DVDs.

At least they didn’t make her weak to the Jewel Shield, I guess

pat m.



  1. Try Megaman Command Mission: again, robot rebellion, Megaman as the enforcer for the Man. A good game otherwise.

    • Yeah, nevermind that the Mavericks that are ‘rebelling’ wish to murder every human in the X series’ world, and take it as their own. I suppose if a policeman shoots a rapist, he’s ‘opressing’ them too, right? Just doing THE MAN’s bidding? Please.

  2. Okay… I’m loathe to get as annoyed as I usually would at a post like this, because I’ve looked at bits of the rest of this blog, and I honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious, or if this is entirely a joke site. Because nobody could be this obsessed with politics and race, that they’ll project it onto everything around them on this level. Are you really this batshit? Or is it just a comedy act?

    “When I saw this, I thought, “Hey, why aren’t I helping them?””

    Perhaps because they’re going on a rampage and destroying society? Possibly killing people? (if this were the X series, the latter part wouldn’t be the least bit vague)

    “Then I rememberedthat I was controlling a white guy who dresses in blue, carries a gun, and sees fit to destroy hundreds and hundreds of robots who look different from him without compunction.”

    Yeah, nevermind that these robots are trying to… y’know, KILL HIM. AND CAUSE DESTRUCTION. AND POSSIBLY HARM INNOCENT PEOPLE. No, no… this is TOTALLY an accurate metaphor for police brutality and totalitarianism. Do you even hear yourself?

    There is REAL RACISM in this world. And REAL PEOPLE fall victim to it. And yet, does that matter to people like you? HELL NO, you’re busy bitching every time a non-white male character dies. Or has some perceived weakness. Or isn’t GOD-LIKE, AND SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHER CHARACTERS. You’re just like the people who claim to be about stopping child pornography and rape, but spend all their time protesting hentai and other absurd bullshit.

    I’m sick of bullshit like this. People so hungry for ‘revolution’ and strife, and who think society is SOOOO HORRIBLE, and fail to realize how lucky they are. Not just that you can spout your inane bullshit, but even that you have such products to bitch about in the first place. Go to North Korea, okay? Or China. Go there, and bitch about the government. And tell me that bullet in the back of your head feels better than living in a society that’s actually free. Tell me how horrible our society is then. How wrong everything is.

    Again, if this blog is a work of satire, then I commend you, and you can disregard this entire post. If you’re serious about all this utter horse crap, then get a fucking clue.

  3. As a Robokin I will tell you that is impossible to discern the robot mind…much like an ant trying to divine the mind of God Your flesh-brain is unable to comprehend the advanced relationship of Robots. Your weak flesh-will cannot comprehend the complex motivations of Mega Man.

  4. Just to point a quick things out Gutsman one of the largest and muscular male robot masters from the first game is also weak to the Mega Buster also in MegaMans story the robot masters were built by doctor Willy to take over the Earth your getting MegaMan and MegaMan X confused and to be mad at MegaMan for stopping Willy is like being mad at Sonic for smashing the life out of countless numbers of robots to stop Dr. Robotnic from destroying his home.

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