Why I Missed The Boat on Muslim Massacre

September 20, 2008

Because, well, it wasn’t that interesting.

Guy from Something Awful forums designs ridiculous game that’s basically a classic arcade game in racist dressing. Don’t be a Liberal Pussy, Kill All Muslims. (I’m not looking forward to seeing what kind of Google hits that one pulls up.)

People get offended, as, well, they should.

Guy tries to talk it off for a while, then eventually apologizes-but-not-really, saying it was just supposed to be satire all along. Except it wasn’t clever, which makes it pretty poor satire, unless it was being clever by not being clever, which makes it satire again, but anyone who thinks that is stupid.

I really don’t think I can run with this as News any further. So instead I’m going to spend the next ten minutes thinking of awesome race-related remakes of old video games.

Gentrification Command: Think Missile Command, except this time it’s white people aiming at your neighborhood, because it’s still “ethnic”, but now there’s a Peet’s on the corner and a fair-trade, organic taco truck in the parking lot by the liquor store. So you shoot ’em. Hey, you do what you gotta do.

Iraq-Man: Replace Pac-Man with Bush, dots with cash, power pills with oil, and the ghosts with Obama, innocent Iraqi civilians, and the Increasingly Sickly American Economy. Oh, and this time, the power pills don’t come back.

Leisure Suit Lee: Make Larry Laffer of Leisure Suit Larry fame into an Asian guy. The game is still about meeting women, it’s just inexplicably much, much harder.

Street Fighter II’ Black Power Edition: This time, the black guy punches the white guy in the intro shot.

Go ahead and post yours in the comments!

Also, if anyone’s interested in Japanese pro wrestling (puroresu) check out my piece at GiantRealm and leave me a nice comment.

pat m.


One comment

  1. I still don’t know why the SF: Black Power Edition did not come to fruition?!

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