I’m Tired of Writing About Resident Evil 5

June 5, 2008

…So I’m just going to link to this post over at shrub.com, since it says more or less what I’d want to say, albeit with much less biting sarcasm. Check it out.

pat m.


  1. …t says more or less what I’d want to say, albeit with much less biting sarcasm.

    Wait, who is the one using more biting sarcasm in this case? Me, or what you’d want to say? ^^;

  2. At the beggining of the new trailer, I found interesting that the man with the megaphone says “Africa is our home”. And at the end the woman says “welcome to Africa”.

    In the trailer it looks like Africa is a single country instead of a big continent, where regions can be completely different from one to another. Are Sierra Leona and Kenya the same thing? And it look like there was a kind of collective “African consciousness”. The whole thing reminded me to the Orientalism.

  3. Yeah, thats just how us Americans have always treated Africa. Like a little country with big problems.

  4. http://kotaku.com/5018450/re5-race-debate-continues

    Just sayin…

  5. *clicks link*

    How adorable–the bullshit “wait and see” defense.


    *clicks link within link*

    Really, I don’t want to try identifying with them anymore. I hate the gaming a community. “Vocal minority” making them look bad and “few bad apples” my ass.

  6. I wonder, had the races been reversed, if we would have heard even 1/100th of the hoo-ha this has generated. Talk about blowing things way out of proportions.

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