What I’ve Been Playing Lately, 5.9.08

May 9, 2008

Not much of anything, really. I tried to pick up Marathon Infinity again, and lasted about twenty minutes before I got tired of running around hitting switches. I hate hitting switches.

In the spirit of being a responsible race and video games blogger, I decided to try to get into GTA: San Andreas. Maybe I’ll try again someday soon, but I got tired of getting killed on the goddamn bike in the beginning of the game and having to trek across town to get back to the mission. Gargh. I’m not cut out for life on the streets, I guess.

I’ve been listening to Airman ga taosenai a lot, I guess. That’s almost like playing a video game. Back to Urban Terror for me, I suppose.

pat m.


One comment

  1. That music video is awesome. Friggin’ tornadoes!

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