Linkage 4.10.08

April 10, 2008

Today’s the day I clear my little to-do sticky of all the various bits and pieces of news that I’ve been saving up. So! Without further ado:

Tracey John is running a series over at the MTV Multiplayer blog about Black Professionals in Games – so far, he’s interviewed N’Gai Croal from Newsweek’s Level Up (thanks for the linkage!), Morgan Gray from Crystal Dynamics, and Brian Jackson of Nergized. Interesting stuff!

I stumbled across 1UP’s top 5 most racist video games list somewhere. Other than Punch-Out, I haven’t heard of any of them. Sounds like I’m not missing out.

Apparently Sony and Station.com are holding a contest for a $10,000 scholarship for women aiming to enter the video game industry. That’s nice, if you’re a student of The Art Institutes, I guess.

Leigh Alexander wrote an interesting piece over at GameSetWatch about Bimbo Girl with a pretty slick comparison to GTA.

Finally, this is about a week old, but apparently a bunch of 3rd graders got in trouble for conspiring to kill their teacher. Man, I hope no one blames video games for this one. Imagine the shit they could wreck if they picked up Counter-Strike.

pat m.


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