The Hottest Man of Gaming, In Color

April 8, 2008

At long last, the moment you’ve been waiting for! But first, allow me to make a few brief remarks.

It wasn’t easy wading through folders full of images of men. Hot, young, sweaty men. Asian men, black men, Latino men. Kickboxers, commandoes, ninjas, special operatives, wrestlers, vicious criminals, mystical voodoo warriors, and so on. Men with lithe builds, men with bulging muscles, men with special powers, men with big guns – how could I only pick 13? And once I decided upon the men, it was even harder to try to rank them, as if a number could truly express the boundless depths of sex appeal that mere images could express. Somehow or another, though, I did it – and, at long last, we’ve got our winner, taking home the Token Minorities Sexy Man Crown: give up for Dudley of Street Fighter III: Third Strike!

Of course, Dudley wins an obscene amount of points for subverting a stereotype: yes, he is black, and a boxer, like a few dozen other fighting game characters out there, but he’s not a practically illiterate thug (shame, Balrog!); no, he’s a classic dandy British gentleman, through and through.

But we couldn’t talk about Dudley’s sex appeal without discussing his ineffable sense of style,

or the class with which he conducts himself as a gentleman boxer. He even throws roses!

To be sure, he also breaks our sex-o-meter with his juggle combos, high-low mixups, and those tricky resets he’s got with his Hurricane Upper. Honestly, though, it’s his backstory that’s got us enraptured: he entered the Third Strike tournament because Gill stole his father’s antique car. Seriously. No one messes with the Dudley and gets away with it, least of all some red-and-blue-naked-carjacker-punk. Dudley’s got class in spades, especially when it comes to his automobiles – and, what’s more, he’s even got two different cars in his intro animation, depending on whether he’s player one or player two. It’s this kind of attention to detail that gets Dudley first place. Congratulations, Dudley, you truly are a sexy man of color among sexy men. I’d let you Corkscrew Blow me any day.

pat m.



  1. Amazing list Pat, good job. I hope game designers take note and don’t repeat the same white, muscular male character over and over. Even the native American hunters who always had the main role in the Turok games were replaced by the muscular white male in the last entry.

    Just a quick note. If I am not mistaken “Balrog” from SFII was originally called M. Bison in Japan. And the “M” from “M. Bison” was actually the initial for “Mike”. Therefore the character was called Mike Bison because its design was supposed to be inspired in the famous boxer Mike Tyson. I’m not sure if this circumstance makes his design less offensive, but I thought it would be interesting to point the fact that he was based in an actual person.

    Anyway, great list and excellent first choice. Dudley really breaks lots of stereotypes.

  2. I have to admit though, that Altair from Assassin’s Creed and the Prince of Persia are the sort of guys that would definitely light my candle. Who would resist those beautifully sweaty guys with their soccer-type builds and abilitites ranging from taking enormously difficult leaps of faith into tiny carriages of wheat, to taking a wall run that could go on for about 10 meters. Hot!

    (Also those silver guys from Final Fantasy. The one with short hair is gorgeous!)

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