Search Queries

January 3, 2007

I’ve leafed through the search queries and decided that since some of you are coming here for very particular reasons, I might as well do you a favor and give you what you’re asking for. So, in order of popularity:

1) Carla Valenti Playboy Pics. Not really safe for work.

2) Street Fighter III Tier Listings. The top three are Ken, Chun-Li, and Yun, each as a soft counter to the other, as Ken can deal with Yun’s dive-kicks more readily than Chun-Li, and Chun-Li often has the advantage when it comes to pokes and footsies. After that, the tiers are fairly open for debate. I’d put Urien, Dudley, and Necro in the upper middle tier, Yang, Ryu, and Akuma in the middle tier, Alex, Twelve, and Elena in the lower middle tier, and Q and Sean at the bottom.

Now keep those hits coming!


One comment

  1. what?!?!?!?!????
    what is WRONG with people?!?!?!?!?

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