On Indigo Prophecy, Part 2: So Bad, It’s Racist

December 26, 2006

So far, I’ve been dissecting Indigo Prophecy by analyzing our straight-white-male main character, Lucas Kane. As anyone who has been unfortunate enough to play the game knows, however, we can’t really finish a discussion about Indigo Prophecy without talking about Carla Valenti and her half of the game.

Carla is a tough NYPD detective who has some kind of vague experience with Latino street gangs, and she’s in charge of the investigation on the series of mysterious murders in which Kane is a suspect. Visually, she seems to be inspired by a slightly more feminine vision of Michelle Rodriguez; physically attractive but still tough enough to be a cop. She is significant for more than just her race and gender, however. Cage describes in his 1UP.com article that he intended to have Carla and Lucas share the spotlight as heroes:

“Splitting the focus of the game between the main characters was an important task. Because the game was based on the idea of switching between different characters, all of them had to present some kind of focal point, although it was obvious from the start that there would be only two real heroes to the story, Lucas and Carla. Their roles were defined quite early in the process. Lucas would be the cursed hero, accused of a murder he did not really commit, and the victim of visions trying to kill him while he searches for the truth, while Carla would be the professional, cold investigator, only believing in reality. He would be on the supernatural side; she would be on the reality. “

In this respect, it seems like Cage is actually trying to subvert gender norms by characterizing her as the “professional, cold investigator”; not only is she a woman of color in a position of authority, but she is not, at first, defined by particularly feminine characteristics. This is actually emphasized through the actual gameplay, which requires the player to pass a firearms test at a shooting range and improvise a radio antenna – tasks generally considered more masculine than feminine – while controlling Carla.

Unfortunately for Carla, whatever claim she has to share the spotlight with Kane quickly vanishes in the face of his straight-white-maleness. Just like how Kane is less than the typical, two-dimensionally masculine film superhero, Carla is more finely nuanced than simply “professional” and “cold”. Her more masculine traits, like “professionalism”, are offset by her highly feminized weaknesses; in particular, she is strongly claustrophobic, and her claustrophobia is presented in two highly gendered scenes, one of which is highly reminiscent of Jodie Foster’s excursion into an insane asylum in Silence of the Lambs. Her “coldness” is thus balanced by her irrational, and therefore female, claustrophobia. While writing nuanced characters is admirable, Carla’s femininity becomes inversely related to her capacity to act within Indigo Prophecy as the story progresses.

Carla is not, at first, overtly sexualized; while she is attractive, she dresses in outfits that generally would be considered appropriate for a professional detective in the middle of a frigid New York winter. In Cage’s Gamasutra.com Developer’s Diaries, he briefly describes Carla as “a tough young police officer but discreetly sexy, totally immersed in her work to compensate for the lack of any emotional life.” While it’s questionable exactly how “discreetly sexy” Carla is – part of Indigo Prophecy’s pre-release promotional advertising included a photo-shoot of Carla posing in her NYPD office completely naked – there is no explicit mention of any romantic figures in Carla’s life for the first half of the game or so. She seems to be independent and in control of her own balance between her work and her sexuality – that is, except for a mysterious email from one “Tommy” that the player reads early on in the game.

“Tommy” turns out to be Carla’s gay next-door neighbor, and it is through him that Cage introduces Carla’s secret yearning for a man. Immediately following a shower scene, the player controls Carla (dressed only in a bra and panties) and guides her through her apartment to a conversational scene where it’s revealed that Carla is not quite the independent, self-assured woman that she appears to be. Indeed, as the story progresses, Lucas has sex with his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany, who gets killed off shortly thereafter, leaving Carla as the only remaining object of Lucas’s straight white male gaze. Once Tiffany dies, a combination of awkward scriptwriting and narrative pacing puts Lucas and Carla together, with one or two scenes distinctly lacking in romantic tension leading them to consummate their newfound relationship in an abandoned underground New York subway car before the final climactic showdown with the forces of evil. (All of which happened despite the fact that earlier scenes alluded to Kane having been killed and reanimated in a zombie-like state, which wouldn’t seem to be particularly conducive for sex.)

Interestingly enough, the bad writing is instrumental to Carla’s subversion; since Lucas’s character didn’t manifest any particular kind of personality or romantic interest in Carla before they fall passionately in love, it appears that Carla is not falling for Lucas Kane in any kind of characteristic, personal sense, but rather simply playing out her role as the woman of color who is supposed to fall in love with the white man. After their attraction has culminated in abandoned subway car sex, Carla is effectively removed from the spotlight. By then, Kane has mastered his supernatural powers, and Carla’s role has been demoted from co-protagonist to devoted wife; it’s all she can do to watch her man stride bravely into the final battle. Cage apparently felt compelled to emphasize this in the game’s endings, too; out of the three different possible outcomes of the final battle (Kane wins, Mayan Sorcerer wins, or the weird Matrix-like computer wins), the only common thread they all have is the revelation that Carla is pregnant with Kane’s child. Indigo Prophecy takes the assertive, ass-kickin’ Carla Valenti and turns her into just another woman who is defined by the man who puts his penis in her. Screw keeping the peace and saving the world, Indigo Prophecy tells us, only by making babies can the good guys beat the bad guys.

Once we watch Carla’s share of the spotlight die most heinously, it seems that Carla’s earlier sexual independence may have been written in to keep her single for the player, who is most likely a straight white male, to have for himself via Lucas. While the game’s script seems to generally portray Carla as the independent, take-charge woman of color that is part of Cage’s intended alternative narrative (until the ending, anyway), the scenes that emphasize her underlying femininity, like the claustrophobia scenes and the shower scene, and the pre-release Playboy photo shoot, seem to indicate that Carla is sexually independent not out of an earnest desire to grant her a role as Kane’s co-protagonist, but rather as a blatant push to cater to the “typical” 18-24 year old video game audience.

The last character who deserves a mention is Tyler Miles, Carla’s black male sidekick. Like the two main characters, Tyler is written to be a fairly nuanced character, at least relative to general depictions of black men in video games. On one hand, he is surrounded by signifiers of black masculinity; he’s phenomenal at basketball, less than responsible when it comes to money, and loves ’70s funk and white women. However he is also defined almost exclusively by his relationships with women – specifically, his working relationship with Carla and his romantic relationship with his white girlfriend, Sam – and within these interactions he is portrayed as a fully written character rather than a stereotypical black man. He is sensitive and sexual, loyal to both his job and his woman but very conflicted when the two are at odds. Tyler is both a walking stereotype and a subversion of that stereotype.

Personally, I found that he kind of grew on me as the game progressed because he did develop past the confines of his initially blatantly stereotyped characterization. Unfortunately for Tyler, however, he is pushed aside from the spotlight simply by virtue of being a black man; Cage writes Tyler in his 1UP.com post-mortem:

“Tyler Miles, Carla’s teammate, was an interesting character for us to develop. I tried to characterize him as much as possible, by making him a kind of Shaft-style character, stuck in the 70’s. He is also the only character with any funny scenes in a story that is generally quite dark.”

Tyler is thus stuck playing the role of supporting comic relief, which is incredibly frustrating given the way he briefly manages to shine through his stereotypical features. Interestingly enough, he seems at first to be a viable competitor for Kane’s role; he does have his own sex scene – with a white woman, no less – and generally comes off as much more competent than Kane in any given scenario. His sidelining, however, is no real surprise. He is Carla’s sidekick, rather than the other way around, because he is not a woman, so Lucas will not have sex with him. Just as with Carla, Tyler’s backgrounding is abrupt and clumsy due to poor writing and narrative pace, which only emphasizes his black masculinity as the real reason he departs from the spotlight. It is not because of any particular character flaws that Tyler leaves the game to follow his girlfriend to Miami (and sell shoes instead of being a cop); it’s simply because he’s a black man, and since Indigo Prophecy is centered around a straight white man, there’s no room for him beyond the occasional humorous scene.

Playing through bad video games is hardly a novel experience for me. In this respect, Indigo Prophecy shined; it’s the first time I’ve played a game that is so badly written that it ends up being a tale of white male supremacy. While all of the characters were no doubt written the way they were to try and tell a story of real people doing amazing things, it ended up being a story of a lone straight white man singlehandedly saving the world pretty much by virtue of the fact that he’s a straight white man.



  1. Interesting stuff. (Still haven’t played the game.) Though I agree with a lot of your propositions that seem clearly based on marketing and trying to sell the game to their target audience (No quotes. Let’s face it… it seems if you get to develop PC games, it’s got to be for that 18-24 yr. old white male or the “casual” gamer, and no in-betweens). The “nude” magazine spread was absolutely ridiculous for all the games involved with it and an embarassment for gamers in general; of course that means it has to come back every year.

    I wonder how much these views of race in the game was actually intentionally written by the creators though – is it not likely to be out of sheer laziness and lack of creativity? That quote from Cage isn’t exactly inspiring. In other words, it seems your contempt for this game should be reserved for a certain level of incompetence and decisions to develop for “circumstances” of the game market. Either way, though, they aren’t great excuses.

    The unfortunate characterizations of Carla sound remarkably cliched, but nothing we haven’t seen in a million cop movies and current TV shows plaguing the airwaves, when it comes to all women. Even the more interesting TV female cops tend to fall quickly into one of the mentioned stereotypes once they display some character development.

    Fahrenheit does sound pretty lame, and I doubt I’ll be buying this game any time soon, since the reviews were generally pretty bad as well. I sure miss the glory days of great adventure games from Sierra and Lucasarts in the 90s – OTOH, I’ve played few that were set in modern times and tried to be as serious as Indigo Prophecy claims to be.

  2. I don’t think any of the racial material, with the exception of how Tyler was handled, was really intentionally written by the creators – and that’s kind of the point. To me, Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit is a perfect example of how a narrative can contain highly racial material despite the author of the narrative never having thought about any of that kind of stuff.

  3. your taking this a bit far. Carlas last name is Velenti which is italian, therefore i dont know if you would consider her “coloured” as you said.

    It seems because the main character is white and straight like the majority of males in the US (shock horrer) this is your main argument for suggesting a white supremacy movement in the game. If he was not straight, or black, he would not be a convincing IT manager would he.

    Don’t forget that the police chief was black. And they added a token gay to keep you happy.

    Tyler was a bit stereotypical, but if he was sleeping with a black women you would say the game is suggesting that white and black people cant be together. Either way I think you would find fault, it was a good game. take a chill pill.

  4. Michael, your second paragraph pretty much reinforced tokenminorites entire article. heck, just about everything you said did. thank you for your straight white male prerogative.

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  6. Interesting articles (and blog!). I finished playing Fahrenheit (since I’m in the UK) yesterday and share some similar grumbles about the game.

    Tyler was a reasonably endearing character in his way, although he seemed rather unprofessional as a detective when compared to Carla. It’s worth noting he’s only as good at basketball as you play him in that particular sequence. Neither does he have to leave for Miami at the end.

    Similarly, my Lucas didn’t end up having sex with Tiffany. The story would have worked better if you’d had the option for a Tyler/Lucas end solution as well as Carla/Lucas or Tyler/Carla for that matter. If Tyler could have dumped his Winona look-a-like in favour of Lucas’ icy charms, so much the better. There just weren’t enough permutations available in the overly restrictive narrative. Surely it couldn’t have been that hard.

    As for Carla, well, having just got out of the shower, I thought she might catch a chill so I made sure she got dressed for the rest of that scene! It’s a shame that the design didn’t penalise players for not dressing her at that point. If only she could have made it through to the end without the boring inevitability of falling for a man with zero charisma.

    I’m not sure about your conclusion, but it is certainly the case that it would not have been difficult to have enabled a endgame in which any of these three characters could have decisively saved the world, alone or collectively.

  7. “If he was not straight, or black, he would not be a convincing IT manager would he.”

    Why wouldn’t he?

  8. Ok..here we go again….listen man…we can look into anything deep and find something racist about it…so if you want to play the game do it..just shut up about the racism shit okay

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  10. […] drawing attention to the character’s race and/or through the use of clear racial stereotypes. See On Indigo Prophecy, Part 2: So Bad, It’s Racist for an example of […]

  11. “Her more masculine traits, like “professionalism”, are offset by her highly feminized weaknesses; in particular, she is strongly claustrophobic…”

    It seems here like you’re saying that claustrophobia is in some way a particular feminine weakness.

    “Her “coldness” is thus balanced by her irrational, and therefore female, claustrophobia.”

    And here you seem to be suggesting that irrationality is necessarily a female trait.

  12. Charles,

    Thanks for the comment. What I am suggesting is that character traits like claustrophobia and irrationality are not inherently female by any biological/psychological justification, but rather that they are gendered as female traits; we are taught to think of them as typically female characteristics.

  13. An interesting read, however, i disagree on pretty much all counts. by splitting hairs, and digging for racist, or sexist material, where none was intended, you are only pleasing your own discriminations. yes, i am a straight white male. however, not being racist, or sexist, nore having ever been acused of having any such leanings, i am willing to wager, you could follow me around in my daily life and find whatever you wanted to find, including painting me as a racist sexist pig, just like you did with this game. if you look hard enough, as you have, you can find any nuances that you want. just as you have. splitting hairs like that is only an excuse for you to be pissed off. i dont mean to be insulting, however it has always been a pet peave of mine when people dig merely for an excuse to be indignate, and angry. if you had your way, i am certain all straight white males would be cowering in fear from everyone else. is it equality you want, or supremacy? and for the record, i am a soldier(masculine) AND claustrophobic(and how is that femanine?) the engendering weakness is merely YOUR perspective, and discrimination. you merely assume the rest of the world thinks that way.

  14. Amused, but claiming you’re not racist, you’ve pretty much displayed one of the main issues of society today: being ignorant of racism/sexism. Everyone–and I mean everyone–is racist at some point, even if they don’t mean to be. It’s called privilege, in your case white male privilege.

    I knew I smelled a rat when I played this game; Token Minorities, thank you for pointing them out. Why the hell does Carla do Lucas at the end of the game? It seemed so random to me. Plus, isn’t he dead? How does he have anything to impregnate her with? Bwuh?

  15. well said, Etoile.
    re: impregnation,
    I guess the seed of the white man is just THAT powerful.

  16. of course you are right, at that, and i acknowledge it. it was sudden and random, but its point wasnt to turn her into a token sex object for the main character, but merely to create the “happy ending” for the love interest, that almost every game or movie has.badly written as it might be i dont beileve it was meant to be intentionally sexist.

  17. I live in Austria!Typical white country with not so many Immigrants from Africa!We never had slaves from there so we don’t need to apologize for that!!Racism in a Video game ore any kind of media is easy to find!The reason i see behind this is cause the character are the offsprings of the creators mind and are therfore always a little bit stereotypical! Videogame Characters are often poorly charactersized there are their strenghts and their weaknesses and all this should fit together to make an game which is fun!I had fun when i played the game and never thought about racism!You know why cause it’s a game! Racism begins in Reallife cause games and other media only reflect Reallife but cannot be a perfect mirror for it because the even the most creative mind cannot fully display a human mind in all its variations!If you play a game do you play it to find sexism or Racism in it!Or do you play it because you want to have fun!Playing a shooter where you only kill white hillbillys doesn’t make you an racist!

    I think the perfect game for you would be where you choose Gender Race religion etc at the beginnig so you wont have to be angry about a white hero!

    Ps: at first i thought Lucas is an half Japanese cause of his eyes!

    ah yes, Carla Valenti is an italian Name!Italian are whites last time i checked!Her claustrophobia isn’t a female trait nor is professionalism a trait only reserved for man!Those are traits inherent in people of all race and gender!Nothing specific about it!Im not claustrophobic and surely not professional!

    These are the thoughst of an white atheist!And even though i am an Atheist i do not complain about all the supernatural things that happened in this game!I could say that it sthtrenghtens the Position in churches cause it influences the minds of the youngest, who might take fairytales serious!

    I do not!Cause not everything is black and white, sometimes you should just have fun!!!

  18. Good greif, You took a very entertaining work of art and looked at it with racist skewed perception. Maybe the writers were white (like me) and would rather play as someone who reminded them of themselves. Besides, the game was surely better for them having written about what they know. Besides, Tyler is the kind of guy i’d like to hang out with – laid back and cool and funny. I know if i tried to make a black person my main character, he probably would turn out more white in attitude than if a black man did. Stereotypes are there for a reason. Write something yourself and change perception, don’t just criticize the efforts of others because their work isn’t exactly how you would have made it. At least they tried. Oh yea, the game is great untill the end where, like the author said, the narrative pacing and writing goes from great to “here comes the deadline, let’s finish it.”

  19. Besides, blacks are generally more racist than whites. I almost never think about racism untill a black person brings it up. let it go for God’s sake.

  20. You are tripping hard there son. It’s not that the racism is there, you are looking for it. I hope you gained some maturity since you wrote this pearl. I played the game and is great and there is nothing racist about it, anymore than would be in the real world. I come from one of the least racists countries in the world and now live as an immigrant in one of the most racists countries in the world. I know about racism, and I know you are tripping!

  21. Etoile, how is everyone racist? I don’t get upset at someones race, rather the ignorant things someone does. You do understand what racism is correct? Seems to me you are making racism seem like some blanket explanation for someones reaction. If someone cuts me off and the person happens to be black, and I give him the finger, are you going to call me a racist? Probably. Thing is, I would have given the person the finger just because the dummy cut me off. Perhaps you should not let your own racist views jade your reading of others reactions.
    For the owner of this blog: You say the game developers are racist for making the main character white? I say you are racist for saying the main character should not have been white. Maybe you should find out their own reasoning for making the main character white before you jump to conclusions (for the same reason I gave above). Did you ever think those people were physically modeled after people they knew in real life? No, of course you didn’t. Because of people like you racism will never die out. You want everything to be based on race so you have something to complain about. If racism disappeared over night, your existence would be moot.

    Nhexima, why even post about a game you have never played? Your opinion is worthless.

    PS.- I hate most people equally regardless of race. I don’t think the color of your skin dictates the moronic things you can do. As such, it makes me hate you regardless 😀

  22. P.S.S- “Unfortunately for Carla, whatever claim she has to share the spotlight with Kane quickly vanishes in the face of his straight-white-maleness.”

    Uhm, how do you figure? She was the one that made him live. If you could even comprehend the story, he was madly in love with her, and she was his strength at the end. You racist prick.

  23. you cats got way too much time on your hands

  24. i leave the country and look what happens. sigh.

  25. Who’s looking at race here? Who’s making race/sex the issue? We ALL have our strengths and weaknesses. There are extremely few things that can be divided along the lines of gender and even less significant are the ones (like skin color or shape of the eyes) that can be divided on a racial basis.

    As far as your appraisal of the game designers motives, one could similarly suggest that David Cage believes white males are inherently weak to being irresistably manipulated by people of other ethnic groups, based on his posession by a Mayan oracle and his deception at the hands of the AI. OR one could even assume that your intentions are to further your own ethnic groups ends by looking for implied insults which would (naturally) require recompense by an entire ‘race’ simply because they share that of the (supposed) offender.

    This is a classic example of WHY race is such a big issue. Instead of seeing this for what it is (a game designed to be entertaining) you seem to suggest that the entire game is one big racist/sexist inuendo intended to promote the superiority of the white male.

    I believe that unfounded cries of racism only serve to keep the issue of racism alive.

  26. i am a racist-to-everybody-french-flip and i enjoyed the game thoroughly. it was unique and i threw it away shortly after getting the happy ending. every race is full of ignorance and therefore i hate you all.

  27. One thing I did notice, there were no JEWS in the game. Amazing that no one, this being the internet and all, has brought up Jewish racism and why it is slowly being considered more and more OK (just to throw some wood on the fire).

    Anyway, loved the game, didn’t see any racism in it at ALL (Tyler is a badass, get your jealousy out of your reviews) or anti-feminism. I did find the ending to get a little thin narrative-wise, and was glad to end the game quickly (so my main memory of the game is the amazing chase scenes).

    It’s a great game, there is no racism or anti-feminism intended in the slightest. In fact, Carla is one of the strongest heroines I have seen in a while. Lucas does not save her, she grabs the gun and kills the one who has turned Lucas into a bumbling murderer in no-seconds flat.

    Anyway, I’m recommending it to everyone i know, if only give them the right to smash on this “blog”.

  28. Being a black man myself I was a little disappointed by the way they ended Tyler’s story. However i don’t see anything racist in it.
    My guess is that since most game developers are white they’ve proberbly created a character which they feel close to.

    Personally this game was a huge hit for me, even though it wouldve been better if Lucas was a black man. But as I said before people like it when characters resemble themselves.

    What pissed me off in this game is the ending. It was really misleading. And Carla getting on with Lucas is just another fairy-tale ending for me.


  29. Wow. Talk about looking into thin air and claiming to see meaning. This article is exactly the sort of faux-intellectual, ultra nit-picking, outraged idealist cliche of someone is so far left they’ve fallen off the scale. I know it’s old, but hey, if you ever read this:

    The racism you see in this game is due to your hypersensitive racist goggles. Take them off. What you perceive as racism you only perceive as such due to being so desperate to see it. So you can become duly outraged. It’s sad, because by actively looking too hard for racism, you made race the issue when it shouldn’t be. Thus scoring a spectacular own goal against the cause.

    No decent person tolerates racism where they see it – whether in life, films, or videogames – and nor should they. But few actively want to see it as feverishly as you obviously do – the result of sometimes shooting the innocent seemingly not a concern. Do yourself a favour and rally against it when you see it – not where you’ve analysed a videogame so hard, for so many hours, that your mind decides to see it there. Meanwhile, the rest of us will enjoy ourselves.

  30. I’m not going to argue that parts of the game are poorly written. The whole purple clan, AI plot coming out of nowhere, Carla proclaiming her love, and the matrix powers totally cause the plot to fall apart at the end of the game.

    But I have to disagree with your on Indigo Prophecy being a tale of white supremacy.

    First of all I thought Lucas’ and Carla’s races were indeterminate.

    Secondly, Carla and Tyler have all the power for almost the entirety of the game. Lucas is far more confused and vulnerable than they are and is running from them as well as the clans.

    Also, since when are professionalism considered a male trait and claustrophobia considered a female trait?

    To agree with you, I think part of Tyler’s character is partly stereotypical as well as Takeo in the bookstore.

    But I think the thing to remember is that the characters are given choices that the player makes.

    For Example:

    1. Tyler is only as good at basketball as the player allows him to be.

    2. Tyler only leaves for Florida if the character chooses to let him leave.

    3. Carla doesn’t appear in the final scene unless the player’s actions prevent her from being there.

    4. Lucas only sleeps with his ex-girlfriend if the player’s actions cause this.

    I suggest you look at your own preconceptions and prejudices before you decide on the artistic choices of others. After all subconscious bigotry is hardest to combat of all.

  31. The amount of “boo hoo, it’s just a game” and “it’s only racist if you bring it up” only confirms the poster’s message about “swimming in” white privilige.

    Although I can’t agree with your characterization of Carla’s blatant (as opposed to subtle) character flaws as sexist (Do Lucas and Tyler’s flaws make it somehow sexist?), her reduction into a sideline character with b00bies was something profound that I hadn’t realized. Along with Tyler’s departure, yeah, this essentially amounts to “yeah, get out and make way for the White Man!”

  32. Well of course, everything is “racist” nowadays.

  33. Wow… You really hate white people, huh. Didn’t everybody in the game have character flaws? Do you just notice them when they’re in non-white hetero characters? I honestly cannot possibly sympathize with the amount of hate you must have. If you don’t like playing games where the lead is a white male because you find it possible to identify with a lead of a different race than you, then put the controller down and get a new game. There was absolutely nothing negative about Tyler’s character. He was a strong man who put the needs of others in front of his own needs. And Carla didn’t make every breakthrough on the case. In a world where most gamers are white/male/hetero, wouldn’t it make sense for the lead character in a game to be the same? It almost seems like you picked this game up specifically to find the flaws. I suggest you relax a little and try to enjoy life. The whole world isn’t out to get you or belittle you or whatever it is you think. Sometimes, the thing is just the thing, no matter how deep you cut into it.

  34. dude your an idiot seriously, youve taken a great game and tried to make it something its not by over analyzing it.. get a life and give credit where crewdit is due.. indigo prophecy is a great fucking game

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  36. There’s nothing wrong with a black man (or anybody else for that matter) liking vintage 70s stuff.

  37. The fact that the plot is badly written and everyone makes way for the hero doesn’t make it racist.

    Everyone gets out of the way, and Carla sleeps with Lucas, BECAUSE HE’S THE HERO OF THE STORY, controlled by YOU, THE PLAYER.

    The fact that the hero happens to be white is just secondary to his role as the protagonist, though I’ll grant you he’s probably white because the game was made by white people.

  38. Mmkay, yay for necroposting. However, I think this needs to be mentioned:

    TYLER and LUCAS are voiced by the SAME ACTOR, David Gasman. Take it as you will.

    And how much do I hate David Cage for reducing Carla into a stereotype? ><

  39. you are so awesome!

    i wish i was half as awesome as you. instead, i go tell people to do something about world hunger so i can continue enjoying my racist video games in peace without ever once thinking about some of the more serious implications that might lie underneath. that’s me, just a lame cracka-ass-cracka who still thinks it’s cool, at 20 years old, to throw up the devil horns in my MySpace photo (right here: http://www.myspace.com/glennarmstrong)

    Glenn Armstrong

  40. I haven’t finished the game yet, not even close to that. But still, just a clarification: I never search for stereotypes in computer games, but this one could not go unnoticed by me: The stereotypical character of Detective Tyler.

    The first time we encounter this character, he’s ranting with his Bronx-low-language speech to his white, tough, reasoned and rational partner. We then realize he’s somewhat the less bright (mindedly) playable character in the game. The black character is used as a humorous stress- relief character, just like in Hollywood.

    When we get the chance to control him, we notice his stereotypical black-gait. We notice how long are his lengthened limbs (yet another black sterotype, watch South Park). He walks like a human lizard.

    He wears only wide Rap-like clothes, and when we examine his office desk, we see a basketball laying there. We”ll then find a basket in his office (Why, of course every black plays basketball, even in his office).

    His girlfriend must be white, in order to play on the controversial white-black relationship public sentiments in America.
    And then, adding more fuel to this fire of controversial American public crossed notion, she mentions she wants a baby from him.
    (Of course, we had to witness how black man and white woman engage in sex).

    This is a cauldron of stereotypes, prejudice and black-white relationships taboos in the American society.

  41. And about the perpetuation of The Weak and Helpless Woman:
    Tyler’s friend is depressed, she is reliant on him, and the way we could choose to have sex with her while playing Tyler is reminiscent of GTA San Andreas- Hot Coffee, in my opinion (Women as sex object and as an attraction source for horny adolescent Gamers).

    Although Carla appears to be tough throughout the game, we are, unavoidably, reminded by the developers she is merely a woman, and so, like every woman- will be laid by the strong male (Freud would say it’s a humiliating way to emphasize the woman’s lack of masculine genital and the inevitable penetration of her, whether she is tough or not, by a strong male).

  42. get a life all of you stop playing games and do something with your lame ass lives

    • said the guy who just posted on a blog about games, so you are just as affected.

  43. I didn’t need to read this to know this game was sexist and racist. I really worry for people like David Cage, who is either taking the credit for or is indeed the ‘writer, director and creator’. A poor man’s Hideo Kojima.

    Tyler being a basketball ace who walks to funk/black music.

    A bonus scene where Winona Ryder strips for the player (because that’s all that woman are here for – we saw Carla put out, the stubborn one has to put out too).

    Heck, even David Cage put himself in the game.

    It wasn’t knowingly put in for discriminatory reasons, it’s just Cage relied on clichés. A great example is the museum guy dying because he got pushed over (easiest way to write out an info-giving character – kill him/her). What on Earth??!

    David Cage either thinks people who plays games are young white boys who wants to see tits if any women are involved, or David Cage IS a young white boy who wants to see tits.

    Or even worse, David Cage knew exactly what he was doing. He promotes a game as groundbreaking and gets backing from the publisher (thus guaranteeing sales), and makes the first half of the game strong and the second half poor (which he admitted to doing purposefully) so reviewers would give it 9 or 10/10.

  44. […] Which brings us to the part where we discuss the finer points of the game’s cast of characters. First off, I feel like I should inform all y’all that Lucas Kane is a white guy. When I first played / started the game, I was honestly under the impression he was of Asian descent based on his facial details. But looking at his clearly Caucasian brother, and at Lucas himself as a child – plus, using pre-release screenshots as reference (handily collected as part of Unseen64’s aforementioned article on the game) – it becomes increasingly obvious that Lucas is and was always intended to be Caucasian. I feel obligated to mention this as I know I am not the only person to make this mistake. Not to make too fine a point of it, but given the racial ambiguity of Carla and the mostly positive-if-not-stereotypical portrayal of Tyler as a black man, positioning Lucas as the indisputable main character plays directly into tiresome “white savior” tropes. If this is an angle / criticism you’d be interested in reading more into, I can recommend an article by Pat Miller titled “On Indigo Prophecy, Part 2: So Bad, It’s Racist.” […]

  45. […] Which brings us to the part where we discuss the finer points of the game’s cast of characters. First off, I feel like I should inform all y’all that Lucas Kane is a white guy. When I first played / started the game, I was honestly under the impression he was of Asian descent based on his facial details. But looking at his clearly Caucasian brother, and at Lucas himself as a child – plus, using pre-release screenshots as reference (handily collected as part of Unseen64’s aforementioned article on the game) – it becomes increasingly obvious that Lucas is and was always intended to be Caucasian. I feel obligated to mention this as I know I am not the only person to make this mistake. Not to make too fine a point of it, but given the racial ambiguity of Carla and the mostly positive-if-not-stereotypical portrayal of Tyler as a black man, positioning Lucas as the indisputable main character plays directly into tiresome “white savior” tropes. If this is an angle / criticism you’d be interested in reading more into, I can recommend an article by Pat Miller titled “On Indigo Prophecy, Part 2: So Bad, It’s Racist.” […]

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