October 15, 2006

I guess school and work have kept me busier than I had anticipated. Things are happening, interesting things, I just haven’t had the time to write about them. A few things worth mentioning:

Indigo Prophecy SUCKS. Seriously. It drew me in for the first few scenes, and by the end it was about Mayan sorcerors and the Internet trying to kill me. And eight hours of Simon Says. Ugh.
-I approve of Killer7. Haven’t spent $10 so well in a while.
-I won a Street Fighter animated movie (Alpha, SF2V vol. 1+2) dvd set for winning some dinky Street Fighter III: Third Strike tournament. Anyone want to take off my hands? Post in the comments with a bid and I’ll consider it. I also have this weird small plastic bust of Vega if you are interested.



  1. Indigo Prophecy is a study in wasted potential. So good at first, so unbelievably sucky later.

  2. Killer7 is indeed incredibly good. It takes a while to get used to the fighting system, that well, never really fixes itself, but the story and design is just so goddamn compelling. After you’re done, you better put up your thoughts on the whole thing, especially as you’ll see it relates very much to the topic of this blog.

    I’m always sad to hear that stuff about Indigo Prophecy- I loved the demo, and I’ll someday get around to playing just because it’s the first original adventure game I’ve even heard of in ages. Maybe when I get a cheap (

  3. Well, I know now what characters not to put together. I said…

    …(less than 20 bucks) copy of Fahrenheit, because if I’m gonna bother to play it now, I want the virtual sex!

  4. I know what you mean about Indigo Prophecy. I wouldn’t say it sucks so much as was a huge letdown by the end, especially given the strong intro. I definitely had “must beat this before I return it” syndrome, though.

  5. i posted this on a forum elsewhere. i think it pretty much sums it up:

    i liked it at the beginning, until i realized that all i was doing was pushing buttons to mop the floor, drink every glass of water and milk near by, pee at every possible urinal, make my bed, do the laundry, and take a shower. i decided i could get more mental health points by doing that in my OWN apartment, instead of cleaning lucas’s in-game apartment for him.

    as for Killer7, i haven’t started playing it myself, even though i bought it. i watched my roommate beast through it, though, and I’m sure i’ll be all over it during the next long weekend.

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