Sorry for the Delay

September 25, 2006

I apologize for the lack of real activity lately – it seems like real life has been encroaching upon my blog doings for the past few weeks. I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a proposal for a Fulbright research fellowship to Japan, introducing Asian American college first-years to race and identity, and in what little free time I’ve had, grimacing every time Tyler from Indigo Prophecy opens up his mouth. I may be working on a small project involving the Street Fighter II community and the way race and nation play into competition, so I’ll be posting periodic updates on that, too.

Seems like Survivor is all the rage right now, so I might as well admit that I’ve been devouring the new season even though I’ve never regularly watched a reality show in my life. A few brief comments (spoiler warning?):

-The depiction of the African American team is ridiculous. I’m well aware that the show has to be heavily edited to fit three days of footage into a 45 minute period, but come on, guys. In the first two episodes we have images of a lazy black man, black people struggling in the water, black people overly concerned with chicken, and a choice comment about how a knife was too dull to cut cotton. This feels like it’s straight out of a Chappelle’s Show sketch.

-I like how, in the second episode, they cut from the black team struggling to make fire with flint to a shot that’s captioned with the tribe name for the white team…of a motorboat. Yeah, it’s just taking the chicken-stealing guy back from Exile Island to the normal island, but at first it just looked like the white team was cruising around on a boat while everyone else was grubbing around the island. That…wouldn’t have surprised me much, I think.

-Go Asian Americans? In one episode they managed to win the challenge, have their ‘strongest’ member get sent to Exile Island and find the immunity amulet, and be one of the first groups to have a serious discussion of race (Cao Boi and racist jokes) on the show. My racial-sense is tingling – perhaps they’ll be the next Yellow Peril.


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