Mario = Osama

August 31, 2006

Here is a cute little flash movie that uses Mario and his genocidal war against all things Koopa to decry racism, Hitler, and Osama. (No mention of Bush anywhere here.) Baby Mario had a childhood Goomba playmate. Awwww.

Don’t miss the moral at the end:

Unfortunately, unlike the Mario World, we don’t GET second chances… The damages left by the likes of Adolf Hitler by war and Osama by terrorism are forever… Racism hatred and discrimination were the prime fuels to provoke and unite their Armies of death and mass destruction.

By the way, I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I found a GameSpot interview with Robert Parungao (of UBC-bachelor’s-thesis-on-racist-video-games-fame) from last month. While it doesn’t reveal any more depth to his thesis (Asians are stereotyped in video games) it does yield twelve pages of wonderful comments like:

whats wrong with stereotypes? I’m asian and I have a hard time living up to my stereotype doing Tae Kwon Do, drawing, getting good grades, and etc. It’s hard to keep up with it but whatever lol. As for other races I kind of feel bad for them having “bad” stereotypes but dude Asians are fine. It’s just when they have a gay accent is the only thing that ticks me off and that gay ass mustache they always put on certain characters.

Racist in video games? Haha. This guys needs to get laid. And the fact that he has Filipino descent makes me even more ashamed of him.

I dont care anymore people need to get over themselves. rasicism isnt big anymore and nobody ABSOLUTLY NOBODY WITH A BRAIN CARES OR IS RASCIST. The bad stuff happened ages ago .

Sterotyping in games is often on purpose its meant to be funny and corny. This guy who thinks hes educated has no life experance and no sense.

And that’s only from the first page!


One comment

  1. I went through the comments and none of it should be surprising to those that interact with people like these in real-time. The reason racism exists is because people don’t believe it does.

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